Regardless what you do for your holiday, whether it be travelling somewhere or staying at home, what you don’t want is a reminder of this break in the form of skin cancer.

It is too easy to let your guard down and forget to apply sun protection when you are on holidays, particularly when you are busy out and about having a great time. After all it is a holiday, which for many of us means a holiday from the day to day chores that we need to think about the rest of the year, whether that be bigger things like maintenance around the house, or those little daily annoyances like shaving.

But sorry to have to tell you, UV radiation and skin cancer doesn’t take a holiday. So even if you are relaxing and chilling out, UV is still there as a potential risk to your long term health.  And actually, over summer the UV levels are much higher than the rest of the year, so the risk is even greater, particularly if you have travelled somewhere even closer to the equator than Australia, like Bali.

So it is simple, when you are on holidays, make sure you don’t take a break from your sun protection routine. Don’t let your holiday be ruined by bouts of painful sunburn, or your memories of the great time be marred by the fact that taking a break from your sun protection during these holidays resulted in overexposure to UV radiation and skin cancer, especially when protecting your skin is as easy as slip, slop, slap, seek and slide.