What a summer!! They say that the world temperatures are increasing, and I can believe it.  So it is great that the temperatures are cooling and we can feel more comfortable when working outdoors.  The only thing is, while it might be getting cooler, the UV level is still high enough to cause us serious damage, especially when we are exposed to it day in day out at work.

That is the thing with UV, it comes from the sun, but you can’t see or feel it. It’s not the UV that causes heat, but infrared radiation from the sun, which actually means that the temperature can be cool but the UV level is still high enough to cause skin damage.

Maybe you have heard people say they got wind burnt, but really this isn’t the case, and actually they have been burnt by the still high levels of UV radiation, on a cool day. This is why it is important to use the UV Index to determine your risk of skin damage when you are outdoors, rather than just relying on the temperature.

And for people like us who work outdoor all day, the recommendation is that we use sun protection at all times we are outdoor, even when the UV level is low, because the UV exposure damage on our skin accumulates over time and makes us at high risk.

So don’t use temperature as the guide if you need sun protection or not. Check the daily UV level and use that as a guide to the level of sun protection you need.  Simple really – the higher the UV, the more protection you need to use.