It’s time to bust a few myths about tanning. Strap yourself in.

Myth #1 – a tan is healthy

You might have heard the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a safe tan’. That says it all, really. While some of us may associate a tan with a ‘healthy’ glow, the actual effect is anything but good for you.

Tanning is a sign of skin damage. It’s your body’s way of reacting to UV by trying to protect itself through producing melanin (pigment). This is what causes your skin to darken.  Not only can tanning increase your risk of skin cancer, but it is also causes premature skin aging, like wrinkles or leathery-looking skin. And who wants that?!

Myth #2 – a tan will protect my skin

No it won’t. Just because you tan, it doesn’t mean you can throw the sun protection out the window. Under the Aussie sun, we all need to use sun protection.

But…… I like a tan!

What if I told you tanning is just a new fashion idea. In the past, fair skin was seen as desirable as it indicated people were well off and didn’t have to work outside in the sun. People in other countries still strive for fair skin.  In these places people buy skin whitening creams. When it comes down to it, your natural skin colour is your best skin colour.

Tanning increases your risk of skin cancer and can be as damaging as sunburn.  If you really must go for a darker shade, then fake it, don’t bake it.