The thing with UV is, the closer you are to the equator the higher the levels are. This means those of us who work north of Australia, or even in the middle, will be experiencing levels of UV higher than they would down south.   And when you get to areas above the 26 parallel, you will find that the UV levels require protection all year around.

The Bureau of Meteorology monitor the UV levels around Australia and use this data to help understand when people are at risk and need to use sun protection. The first map below shows the UV levels around Australia during summer.  As expected for most of Australia the UV levels during summer are extreme.   But even on this image you can see that up north the UV level is more extreme than in down south.

What you need to know if working up north

The map below shows the UV levels for Australia in Winter. You can see here that the further north you go, the higher the levels of UV are.  In fact, up at the tip of WA and NT the levels are as high in winter as Tasmania get in the middle of summer.


Even in Perth, Canberra and Adelaide this image shows that sun protection is required for a short period during the day during winter. The further north you go, the higher than levels are, and the greater the damage that can be done.

Believe me, I lived all over Australia so I know it can be tough being SunSmart when it’s so hot, but there are some great lightweight clothing that have been designed just for this type of environment. Also, using sunscreen can be pretty nasty in this type of weather, which is why I go for the dry-touch sunscreens.  These don’t have that greasy feeling and don’t make you feel even hotter.  For more information on what to look for, go to the Clothing and Equipment section of the website.  It is all pretty logical, but if you aren’t told, then you don’t know what’s out there.