It is the start of 2016 and I have decided to do something that I normally don’t do; make a New Year’s Resolution. I have always avoided making these commitments because I think they are just made in a moment of excitement; “New Year, new me”, and don’t really get followed through.

But this year is different. I have thought about it and I have decided that this is something that I can achieve, and the pay-off is worth it because it will be reducing my risk of cancer.   So I have named this commitment NO MORE PANDA EYES.  That’s right, I am not going to be the guy who walks around with two white circles around my eyes from my sunglasses because I never remember to put on sunscreen.  This year it is going to be different.

So here is the plan –

Step 1: Download the UV app so I know when the UV is going to be 3 or higher. I am going to put it on the front screen of my phone so each time I look at my phone I see it and it reminds me to look at the UV level. And I am going set the alert on the app so I know the UV level has reached 3.

Step 2: Find a good sunscreen. Thank god there are lots of options to pick from.  I am going to find one that isn’t greasy because I hate that, and I don’t want something that runs into my eyes when I sweat.

Step 3: Buy a couple of bottles of sunscreen. I am going to put one in the bathroom at home, so I can apply it when I get ready each day, one for my car with the tools  and one in my lunch eskie.  I reckon this will remind me to reapply throughout the day.

Step 4: Get a good hat. Now that I know how lousy caps are at protecting my head and neck, I reckon the bucket hat might be a good option for me when I am working, so I will check out what is available and find one that I like and give it a trial at work.

I reckon these four steps are all that is needed to save my face from burning, and seriously reduce my risk of skin cancer. Of course I will also wear my long sleeved shirt and pants each day to protect the rest of my body.  That is too easy.  But doing these things will also protect my face, head and neck, locations that are common for skin cancers.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to scar up this beautiful mug by having to have skin cancers cut out from all over the place.