Sometimes the simplest things are the best. And in the case of sun protection, that is the case with the humble long sleeved shirt.

The right long sleeved work shirt can provide all the protection you need to your shoulders, arms and torso, as well as some protection to your neck. The reason is that fabric can block up a large amount of UV radiation, if the weave is tight enough.  And if it is made from cotton, then it can also be affective in stopping you from getting too hot.  Sure not a problem this time of year, but in summer, is it an important consideration.

So coupled with long pants and a broad brimmed or bucket hat, you pretty much have great sun protection for the whole day. And as opposed to sunscreen, clothing doesn’t rub or sweat off.  You just need to remember to keep your sleeves rolled down and your hat on your head when you are outdoors.

I know of you don’t even bother with a shirt at all when working (yes I am talking to you roofers!) so the idea of going to a long sleeved shirt is just too much. So how about this…..if you don’t currently wear a shirt when working or you like to wear a singlet, then how about you try out a short sleeved shirt.  It will protect your torso and shoulders.  You will just need to remember to put sunscreen everywhere the shirt doesn’t cover.  And for those of you who are currently wearing a short sleeved shirt, or polo shirt, why don’t you give a long sleeved shirt a go.  You might actually find you like it.

And another tip, if you start wearing a long sleeved shirt now, when it is cool, and continue to wear one as the weather gets warmer, you will find that you acclimatise to wearing it really easily in the hot weather. Then you are sorted for summer when the UV is at its highest.