The tax man is the working man’s natural predator. We do all the hard slog and he just comes along and puts his hand in your pocket.  Well, I know it is necessary in life, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it.   And I try and make sure that I have as many deductions as I am entitled to, to ease the pain a little, which is why I want to remind you all that we are nearing the end of financial year so you need to go out and update all your sun protective clothing.

You don’t just need to get new sun protective gear for the tax deduction, but also because it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure it is providing you with the best possible protection.

With clothing the more you wash it the faster the material starts to deteriorate and the sun protection provided reduces. So how often should you replace your work clothing?  Tough question….I guess if you never wash your clothes then it is going to last a long time (although if this is you, then sun protection is probably the least of your issues), but then if you are like normal people and wash your work clothing on a regular basis, then I would say you should replace it at least twice a year, maybe more often if you are noticing that the material is becoming thinner.

I know that this sounds expensive, but when you remember that you can claim any sun protective clothing back on your tax, plus it can potentially save you from skin cancer, then I don’t think that it is too high a price to pay.

And don’t forget, you can claim back your work sunscreen, protective glasses and hat too when you do your tax. All you have to do is remember to keep the receipt some place safe so you can find it at tax time (a mistake that I have been guilty of more than once).