I love living in Australia because even in winter we can still get days with brilliant blue skies and the sun shining on us. Of course with these awesome clear skies is also the risk of skin damage, because the level of UV is still quite high.

Actually in both autumn and spring the UV levels are still reaching 8 in some areas, many times the safe limit of below 3, even though the actual temperature is quite cool. Mind you, as outdoor workers, even outside all day when the level is below 3 can still cause our skin serious damage.

It’s tough because I think we all instinctively think of sunburn only in hot weather, and forget that we can still get burnt when it is cool, or even quite cold. And then we call it windburn, because I think that is easier to get our heads around than accepting you can get burnt when it is not hot.

After having been caught out a couple of times on colder days, I find that the UV app is the easiest way to know if and when I need sun protection. Apparently in some parts of Australia the UV doesn’t drop below the safe level of 3 at all during winter.  In other parts it might only be for a month or so.  So even though as tradies we are told to cover up year round, it goes to show that we are probably at serious danger more often that we actually think.

It’s not wearing the long sleeved shirt during the colder weather than I have trouble doing, but mostly wearing a hat and sunscreen. I mean, you wear the shirt to keep you warm, but without something to remind me to put on my hat and sunscreen it can be easy to forget.