The Christmas break in Australia can have UV that’s higher than the star on a Kosciuszko Xmas tree, which means that even though you are not working during this period, you still need to think about sun protection when outdoors.

So here are some of me tips which you might find helpful

  1. Lie back and chill – you are on holidays, so why not spend the middle part of the day in the shade, lying back and relaxing, preferably with someone else bringing you food and drinks (or even having a little massage).
  2. Become nocturnal – my advice is to party all night and sleep all day. The sun can’t get you at night, or when you are in bed during the day.
  3. Put sunscreen in weird places – if you decide to get out and about on the water or on a sandy beach, remember that you can get sunburnt from reflected UV, so make sure you put sunscreen under your chin and behind your ears and other places the UV might get you. Sure, sounds weird, but believe me, you don’t want the back of your ears burnt – nasty.
  4. Being prepared is not just for Boy Scouts – if you are going away, or even out for the day, remember to pack gear that can protect you from the sun. Hat, shirt, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  5. Don’t shave – a good old bushy beard might provide a good bit of sun protection. Besides which, who could be bothered with the whole shaving thing. Maybe hipsters are smarter than we all thought and this is the real reason they are all beardy (although it doesn’t explain all the other weird stuff they do).
  6. And you Jetsetters – remember that the UV levels could also be high if you are travelling outside of Australia. While it is tempting to forget about the risk in places like Bali, the UV levels actually tend to be as high, or even higher there, because of their proximity to the equator, so it can be just as important to protect yourselves overseas as when you are in Australia.
  7. Remember, the sun and skin cancer doesn’t take a holiday, so you can’t afford to take a holiday from protecting your skin either.

Most importantly, have a great break.  After working hard all year we all deserve a good holiday, be safe, don’t do anything stupid, and don’t let your holiday get ruined with a bad case of sunburn (leave that to all the backpackers visiting Australia who just don’t get it!!)