Skin cancer can get you anywhere that you have skin, and that includes your lips. In fact the lips are a really common place for skin cancers, particularly with men.  Maybe it is because we don’t want to spend out days reapplying SPF lip balm like some sort of woman, or because we don’t realise how vulnerable our lips are.

The Aussie crickets have the right idea. Zinc on the nose and on the lips, and a broad brimmed hat.  And this is how we should be thinking too on the worksite.  Zinc is a great way to protect your lips, and tends to last a long time before it rubs off.  But if zinc is not your look, there are also great clear SPF 30+ lip balms available from chemists and supermarkets.

And if you want to know the impact of not protecting your lips when working outdoors, check out Arnold’s story on the Case Studies page. He has had to have a large section of his lip removed because of skin cancer.

So if you are a frustrated cricketer who never got to play for Australia, or you just don’t want to get skin cancer on your lips, remember to protect them when you are working outdoors.