Know your skin type

Your skin type and natural skin colour determine how susceptible you are to sunburn. When it comes to sunburn, moderately pigmented and darkly pigmented skin can stand more exposure to UV compared to those with fair skin. So the lighter your skin, the more easily you’ll burn. Remember that we are talking about your NATURAL skin colour, and not your tan.

Sunburn is evidence of exposure to harmful levels of UV radiation. Tanned skin is also a sign that the skin has been damaged by UV radiation, even when no sunburn is experienced. A tan offers little, if any, protection against DNA damage from UV radiation which can lead to skin cancer.

Find out what skin type you have

Our quick and easy quiz will let you know which of the six types you have; and how to best protect yourself against skin damage.

SunSmart App

UV levels change throughout the day, so be sure to check the UV forecast for where you are working. An easy way to do this is to download the SunSmart app for iOS | Android | Samsung to keep track of the UV levels via your smartphone.